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About us

CFT Group is one of the leading companies in Russia and CIS countries, specializing in development of manufacturing technologies in different areas of industry, in selecting and providing special processing equipment with CNC program, presenting the most integrated and qualified services for such kind of equipment in our country.
Our longstanding experience and potential allow to analyze and to offer effective technological decisions to clients, as well as in the whole industrial complex, and at separate production stages. There are hundreds Russian enterprises using our cumulative experience, getting vast economy and production quality growth.
Besides technological engineering, CFT Group offers qualitative and flexible selection of equipment for manufacturing tasks and individual client’s requirements. Considering and engineering numerous requests and variants are achieved with the great assortment of metal-working equipment of world leading manufacturers. Doosan, Hartford, Fanuc,Mitsubishi, OKK, Hankook, Ibarmia - are only few producers, who are working with us efficiently and constantly for providing certain service and training for sold equipment in Russia.
Our company gained the great share of metal-working market just because of the best balance between price and quality. Majority of producers give the exclusive right of their production offer on Russian markets and CIS to our company.
However, we not just sell the equipment under the certain manufactures. The important attractive feature, even a rule, is maintenance of the client with qualitative service from the equipment starting-up and adjustment moments that helps to organize the further interaction with the client on a long-term mutually beneficial basis. Performance of this task is provided by the highly skilled personnel of the company: certified sale-engineers (sale-managers), engineers-technologists / application programmers on machines with CNC, service-engineers and support personnel.
Unlike competitors, we try to provide clients with documentation, special trainings and consultations.
Among other things, CFT Group takes in Russia a hard position in a range of the offered assortment of equipment, concerning warranty and post-warranty service. For stable and profitable manufacture of the client, any machine should be provided by necessary spare parts and the cutting tools!
As a result, owing to a concurrence and organization of the coordination center,  CFT Group long ago has gained the reputation of the large company in the field of engineering the industrial enterprises, that is - granting of full complex of services and development of production process on “a turn-key basis”.
We seek long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners.
A principle of activity CFT Group - granting of modern and effective means of production under the attractive prices for the organization Customer’s profitable manufacture.