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The distinctive working feature of the company "CFTechnologies and Engineering" from its foundation is the special approach to service of delivered equipment, just because we believe in long-term cooperation with our clients.

The equipment support in working operation-is one of the basic duties of service department, which consist of 18 specialists and has formed structure under Customer’s requests:

  • the group of service engineers;
  • the group of application-programmers;
  • the service of start –up planning and spare parts ordering;
  • logistic department;
  • the group of the contracts acquisition of English-speaking and Russian-speaking documentation;
  • the technical group support.

One of the major factors defining the equipment quality, as a whole, is the providing by supplier with the high level of technical support of production during the Customer’s exploitations.  That means the minimization of the equipment starting -up, maintenance of uninterrupted operating mode: the operative decision for necessary spare parts delivery, providing technical and technological consultations.

Starting-up works

Qualification of our staff allows operating with hard and laborious equipment start-up in deadlines and with high quality.

Warrantee and Postwarranty service

Service department provides as warrantee and Postwarranty support of delivered equipment. Postwarranty is accomplished due to one-time request and due to base of the contracts for service support.

Training of the staff

Regular training, on manufacturer’s plants and big quantity of the equipment put into operation guarantee the high technical level of our engineers.

Specialized software

Recently our company began to develop the specialized software for metal processing equipment. By this moment we can offer multimodal packet from the company Cimco Integration, intended for mutual work organization of personnel computers and industrial production. This software product covers the broadest functional range - from the simulation and the technological calculations of the machining processes up to network multithreading interaction maintenance of the whole set of computer systems.

Diagnosis and clearance defects of the equipment

The group of technical support, consisting of professional specialists, providing consultation by telephone about the equipment operation, first-time diagnosis of defects and offers recommendations for their clearing.

Holding seminars

During last years we are carrying out several seminars. Тechnical, survey and consultative – for potential and operational clients. These arrangements aimed to provide more objective and detailed information about new technician decisions of the world manufacturers in metal processing equipment, about the tendencies of native and international markets, and also for instructing the participants. Frequently one of the company’s representatives is invited, in this case the seminar is concentrated on this very company. For supporting high level of knowledge, in all time of developing or other dynamics of the market, the internal seminars are arranged for our company staff members.  

For us the High quality - superior principal. We are selling only solid, high quality, faultless production.