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21 December 2011

By this moment Russian manufacturers are faced with lack of qualified specialists. As a consequence, the machines can be used not effectively and its resources are run out untimely. There is a fact of incorrect approach of companies, selling machines on Russian market which are not providing necessary training for the staff.

The company “CFTechnologies and Engineering” pays the special attention to training tasks for selling process. A variety of arrangements aimed to increase the quality of productive processes. The detailed documentation is given with any delivered machine.

Service-engineers on the start-up stage (adjustments and starting-up) explain and demonstrate all working moments of the machines. The contract with our client included several days for manufacturer’s staff training and preparing. In future-after starting-up and putting the equipment into exploitation-we are giving the professional and qualitative consultations. 

Moreover, our company gives the opportunity for our clients to contact with equipment’s manufacturers directly.  Seminars with producer’s representatives are arranged and the international trips of Russian company’s members to enterprises producing metal-working machines are also organized.

     Such close three-sided cooperation gives the clear idea about the demand of Russian industry sector from the world-wide producers of metal-working machines. Stable development in the solutions of questions connected with training of the customers proves the high reliability of the collaboration with “CFTechnologies and Engineering”.